Health of Pacific peoples in New Zealand

8 November 2011

Suggestions for improving the health of Pacific peoples in New Zealand are included in the latest report in the Pacific Progress series.

Health and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand also presents findings on Pacific people’s health outcomes and discusses the socio-economic factors that influence these outcomes.

As well as providing background data, the report discusses the role of effective interventions so policymakers can design programmes and policies that are tailored to the needs of Pacific peoples.

The Pacific Progress series examines the place of New Zealand’s Pacific peoples in a number of sectors. They are produced collaboratively by the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs and Statistics New Zealand and aim to inform how best to improve outcomes for Pacific peoples.

Based on 2006 Census of Population and Dwellings data, the series will be updated following each census. In intervening years, data from sources such as the ongoing New Zealand Health Survey will be used to track progress.

The Pacific Progress reports can be found here.