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How to order face masks

How to order face masks

Important: Please note that RATs are no longer available - only masks are available.

Maximum mask orders are for 3 cartons (approx. 1,500) masks per order (unless you are from North Island and provide a reason for needing more than 3 cartons). Maximum orders for South Island are 3 cartons only.

Check below the various ways of ordering free face masks.

Are you an individual or non Pacific-focused organisation or group?

You can get free medical face masks from a testing centre. You do not need to be unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms. Find a testing site that offers free face masks.

Are you a Pacific-led organisation, community group or work with Pacific communities?

As part of the government’s response to protecting Pacific communities from the impacts of COVID-19, the Pacific Aotearoa Community Outreach program has implemented an online order form to provide Pacific communities, and those working with our Pacific peoples, a way of bulk ordering medical grade face masks directly from our website:


Important: Please note the maximum and minimum number of masks you can order:

Minimum mask order 1,500. Maximum mask order 7,500.

Please expect your orders to arrive in:

North Island = 1 to 3 business days

South Island = 5 to 10 business days

Any questions about this initiative can be directed to [email protected].

Below are details of the face masks available via the online order process. 

Bactive mask1 web
Face Mask details

Bactive brand disposable medical masks. Type IIR, multi layer 3 ply. 

50 masks per box, 50 boxes per carton.