Pacific votes count

posted: 4:45 pm - 23rd July 2017
heading to a voting place cr

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples is encouraging all Pacific people who are eligible to vote to make sure they enrol and cast their vote.

Every single vote is important, and every New Zealander's voice deserves to be heard.

The Ministry is pushing for all Pacific people to think about why voting matters, what it means for them, their family and their community.

Voters who are correctly enrolled by 23 August will be sent a personalised EasyVote card in September which will make it quicker and easier for them to vote.

To be eligible to enrol, you must be 18 or over, be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, and to have lived in New Zealand for one year or more continuously at some time in your life.

If you need to update any of your details, especially if you’ve changed your name or address, fill out the form, sign it, and send it back in the return envelope. Only voters who are correctly enrolled will be able to vote in September, so it’s important to get your enrolment sorted out now.

The Ministry encourages all Pacific peoples to enrol, and we want them to vote in September.

Spread the word and make sure everyone is enrolled so Pacific people can have their say. It is important for Pacific people to vote.

The 2017 General Election will be held on Saturday 23 September.