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MPP a platform to empower Pacific peoples

MPP a platform to empower Pacific peoples

  • 11 Oct 2020
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  • Tonga
Viliami Liavaa

Influencing others and decisions through effective policy advice are areas of passion and strength for Viliami Liava'a. 

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) Principal Policy Advisor says helping his family, community, and his people, is what drives him to do the job he does.

“Here in New Zealand, my aspirations have been extended to help the wider Pacific communities who have been, and still are navigating their way through the system, seeking better social and economic outcomes,” Viliami says.

Born and raised in Tonga, Viliami’s upbringing was enriched by the Tongan way of life, cultural values, and world views.

Prior to moving to New Zealand in 2012 with his wife, Viliami held several policy roles with the Tonga Government.

Five years ago, Viliami joined MPP as a Policy Advisor – his first job in New Zealand.

“I have seen the changes in the Ministry since joining it, and personally, I think there is no better organisation to influence the system for the benefit of Pacific peoples than MPP.

“I am now a Principal Policy Advisor and the crux of my policy thinking, programme design and implementation are underpinned by Pacific values, experiences, insights/data and better engagement with our Pacific communities.”

Viliami says the Ministry is completely a different organisation now compared to when he first started.

“I believe we are being true to the Pacific Aotearoa vision that Pacific peoples have their own solutions to their problems and opportunities, but they need to be empowered and supported.”

Working for the Ministry is one of the most rewarding forms of empowerment towards realising the needs and aspirations of my children, our Pacific families, and communities, he adds.

“My role has allowed me to not only contribute to our increasing successful Pacific journey in Aotearoa through building relationships, connecting with the Pacific communities and stakeholders but also to influence other agencies through robust policy advice to recognise and support my communities.”  

The familiar face at the Ministry says he is happy to be part of the Ministry’s journey in what is an exciting time for it.

“There is a Tongan proverb that says ‘Fakatu’amelie ki he taunga ‘oku tautau he fu’u telie’ – ‘relying confidently on what is hanging in the telie tree’.

“It is my call to service to hang something fruitful on the telie tree for my children and our Pacific generations to be able to confidently rely on, in the future.”

Work for MPP

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples is seeking a Policy Advisor / Senior Policy Advisor – Operations, based in Wellington on a permanent basis, secondment or fixed term 12-month contract.

As a Policy Advisor or Senior Policy Advisor, you will be responsible for designing ways to implement policies, so it is delivered into high quality practice on the ground to ensure policies make a practical difference in people’s lives.

You will develop policy and processes on relevant Pacific issues with clear and persuasive views which will focus on the Lalanga Fou goals.

If you would like more information please email [email protected] quoting the position title in the subject.  

Applications close on October 18, at 11.59pm. 

Visit MPP for all of our current vacancies.