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No place for language barriers

No place for language barriers

  • 20 Dec 2020
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  • Samoa
  • Tonga
Night Trucking Grad 32

When it comes to finding employment, Tupu Aotearoa Service Provider Solomon Group are ensuring their clients have as many career pathways open to them as possible.

Solomon Group is a private training establishment based in Auckland, Northland and Rotorua, which works to empower individuals to recognise and develop their potential in a mutually respectful and supportive environment.

It aligns closely with the Ministry for Pacific Peoples Tupu Aotearoa initiative which ensures Pacific people have the right tools, education, training and employment opportunities to really succeed and thrive in New Zealand.  

In response to demands from the community, Solomon Group is offering its 14-week (part-time) Truck Driving Course, in Tongan, Samoan, English and Sign Language.

Nunias photoDirector Employment for Solomon Group Nunia Halalilo, pictured left, says with so many Pacific people involved in manufacturing and warehousing industries, truck driving creates another career option for individuals.

“It offers more opportunities for people, it is well-paid and can lead to the possibility of owning your own truck and establishing your own business,” Nunia says.

Nunia, who has worked at Solomon Group for 18 months, says in 2019 alone, just over 300 people graduated from the Truck Driving Course.

By offering the course in various languages, Solomon Group can extend its reach and help more people in the community.

“Language barriers can create limited understanding for people, but once they have a good understanding of theory and how things work, then they become more confident in themselves,” Nunia says.

During the free course, participants go over truck driving theory, logbook processes, reading, writing and numeracy, Class Two Licence (should you past testing), an introduction into the trucking industry, truck driving industry employability, and health and safety training. 

Nunia says the feedback from the course has been positive, with participants “stoked at how easy it has been to complete it”.

“One of our Tongan participants had bought his own truck, sat the licence and failed twice, but after hearing about doing this course in Tongan, he attended and understood the theory, and this time passed.

“One of our Samoan participants says he is looking forward to one day owning his own trucking business which is so fiafia.”

After seeing how successful the course is, Solomon Group is looking to extend the Samoan and Tongan option to residents in Tauranga next year (it is already offered in English), as well as Waikato, Rotorua and Northland soon.   

 To enrol, you can call 0800236765 or visit here.